Welcome, Guests!

Welcome to Room 31’s Living Museum—open only once a year to the most prestigious of guests! Our Living Characters will come to life as you introduce yourselves and ask them one or more of the interview questions below. Please remember, characters may need to reference their notes as there can be quite a lot of details to remember about one’s life! 

Interview Questions

Please visit as many of our Living Figures as you would like. Be sure to first greet the famous figure with, "Hello! What is your name?" Then you may ask them any or all of the following questions:

  • When and where were you born? When did you die?
  • Where did you live and grow up?
  • Describe your family.
  • What are some important facts about your childhood?
  • Tell me about where you attended school. 
  • What were some of your special talents?
  • As an adult, what were your jobs?
  • Were you ever married? Did you have children?
  • What significant contribution did you make to our world? 
  • Are there any special accomplishments that you are most proud of? 

Cast of Characters (alphabetical)


Students have each selected a person-of-interest and gathered information about them by reading a biography and researching the web. They also completed a biography poster, highlighting important facts about their person's life. Please take the time to enjoy their presentations and read through their informative posters. We hope you will be inspired and entertained by your visit! 


We dedicate our Living Museum to our parents. Without our supportive and involved parents, projects such as the Living Museum, would not be possible. Thank you for all that you do!