Updated: 4/17/19: Our class had two more STEAM Lab lessons- DUPLO Gears and Static Electricity. The DUPLO Gears allowed the kids to assemble their own working gears to build a version of their own “Bey Blades.” The kids were so excited! Then the kids learned about how positive and negative charges relate to static electricity. See pictures below.

Woodbury students from grades 2nd through 6th get to participate in something called STEAM Lab. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These critical skills and content areas are taught early to children as they are important to many future careers! 

Woodbury Elementary has partnered with BrainStorm STEM Education- "a tech-based academy." BrainStorm sends teachers out to our school everyday to lead lessons in technology which include things like engineering, science, coding, and many other awesome skills! This is not the kind of learning that current adults were exposed to as children, and so this is extra special for our 21st century kids today! 

Feb: 14th, 2019: Today, our Kindergarteners got a taste of the STEAM lessons. We participated in Ozo Bots (miniature robots that can be programmed to travel along a drawn line) and Magnetic Sailboats (boats that hover and sail across a track using magnets). It was so much fun! Thank you to our parent volunteers who came to assist. I hope you had as much fun as the kids did too!