For the month of November, we have been studying our social studies unit called, "Long Ago." We are learning about the life of Native Americans and the differences between their lifestyles and our lifestyles today in relation to how they gathered or hunted food, built their homes, handmade their own bowls, baskets, and clothing. 

The children made their very own Native American items to practice and reinforce their learning.

  • Native American baby in a papoose: this was how Native American parents used to carry their babies as they worked.
  • Pattern necklaces: Native Americans used to use things like seashells to make their own necklaces and jewelry.
  • Native American headdresses: We learned that Native American chiefs wore elaborate feather headdresses to symbolize their leadership. 
  • Native American place mats: The children practiced weaving in and out pattern stripes much like how Native Americans wove patterns into their baskets and clothing. 

Next week, the children will study pilgrims; and the following week, we will culminate our learning with a Friendship Feast!