Update: 1/22/18: We received a response from one of the groups we sent our Holiday Mail for Troops to. I'm so proud of our Woodbury community for being such a blessing to others who sacrifice so much to fight for our freedoms. 

Dear Mrs. Dyer,

    I wanted to let you know I received the AMAZING cards your Children made for the Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors and THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!  They are some of the most adorable letters I have seen...Please thank each of the Children for them and let them know that they made a lot of Wounded Warriors smile and feel special!  Again...Many thanks to you for this GREAT idea!  Sincerely, Linda


12/15/17: Nineteen classrooms, grades Kindergarten through 6th grade all participated to handwrite over 600 letters and cards for our Holiday Mail for Troops project. Take a look at the soldiers and cards that the children drew and decorated. We hope it will bring joy to our brave soldiers overseas! 


Hello Everyone!

I will be working with Dr. Shung’s Simply Orthodontics office to send holiday mail to troops overseas. Dr. Shung served in the military for 7 years, and their marketing coordinator’s (who I am working to send off the mail) husband also served overseas. She said when her husband’s troop received letters and care packages, it really helped lift their spirits while being away from their families.

If you’d like to, please consider writing thank you cards and letters for our troops to read while away from their families over the holidays. Here are some details:

  • The letters will be received by a soldier in the U.S. Army and his platoon who are currently deployed.

  • Please address letters/cards with “Dear Soldier,”

  • Use your letter to express your thanks and appreciation for the soldier's service and sacrifices; wish the service men and women a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and a safe and quick return back home, etc.

  • Send drawings/pictures and handwritten/typed letters.

  • This is a great way to model our Woodbury Values with your children at home.

  • The troop might be able to send a response back to our school.

  • Please avoid language that might relate to the violence of war- keep the letters happy, upbeat, and encouraging!

  • Return your letter and card to me by Thursday, December 14th- I will deliver the entire set to the Simply Orthodontics office after school. They will ship it off on Dec. 18th.

  • This is optional for you to do, but I thought I’d open it up to anyone who wanted to participate.

The Kinders will be decorating/writing cards and pictures, and drawing a picture of a soldier in camo. :0)

Let me know if you’d like to participate so I know to wait to gather your family's mail.

Thank you to any of our Room 2 family members who have previously or are currently serving in our United States armed forces. On behalf of our Woodbury Elementary community, we thank you for your great service and sacrifice to keep all of us safe in our country. If any service men or women would like to visit our Kindergarteners to share and speak, please let me know.