This week has been such a whirlwind! In just three short days, I have already fallen in love with my new students, and I am just in awe of how bright-eyed and excited they are about school. The students are practicing how to be good listeners who try their best at school. Room 2's parents should be proud.

This website is designed to give parents a "window into the classroom." My hope is that it helps solve the dilemma that many parents face when they ask their child, "So what did you do in school today?" And the child's only response is a lackluster, "I don't know" or "Nothing." I will post many updates and pictures of what the children are specifically learning in class so that parents are aware of what occurs in the classroom.

We have already done many things. We practiced writing and talking about what we each are good at, as well as earning a gold medal for it. We learned about school rules, and how to share supplies, line up, and be good listeners while sitting on the rainbow rug. We also read a book called, "The Kissing Hand," and traced our own hands to represent our own kissing hands. The children also learned where to sit and eat their snack, and how to safely use the playground equipment. To practice our numbers, we rolled dice to find and color matching numbers, and we also learned about our important Woodbury Values. And to wrap up our first week as Kindergarteners, we had Fun Friday Centers! Here are some pictures capturing some of this week's events.