Update 9/6/19: Don’t forget to turn in your monthly reading logs! New reading logs are sent home in the Conduits when the new month begins.

Every month, your child will receive a new Kindergarten Family Time reading log like the one shown above. Read a minimum of 10 minutes every night, and try to complete the suggested Family Time activity or conversation starter. Turn in the monthly reading log in the Conduit by the end of the month.

Kindergarteners should read or be read to by an adult for a minimum of 10 minutes every night. Reading activities could include: 

  • child sits in your lap or next to you to listen to a story

  • discuss what is happening in the book

  • ask questions to your child about the characters and what is happening

  • point to various elements in the pictures

  • review any numbers that might shown in the book (i.e. the page numbers)

  • ask your child to point out letters that he/she recognizes in the text

  • review and practice any sight words that are used in the text (i.e. I, my, he, she, etc.)

  • have your child repeat back some of the words to you as you read

  • show your child how to use a reading finger to point and track the words