We read the story of the Gingerbread Man and made our own gingerbread puppets today. While working in the classroom, we were suddenly interrupted by the Gingerbread Man running through our classroom! We found gingerbread cookie crumbs all over the classroom, and also discovered that he had dropped his button in our room, and we decided to go on a hunt for him so we could return his button. 

We discovered the Gingerbread Man left us clues on where to find him. We traveled through the nurse's office, the front office, the computer lab, the library, Mr. Battenfield's office, Mrs. Snyder’s office, and then finally back to our classroom. That sneaky Gingerbread Man was in our classroom playing with our books, chairs, and supplies. He was too fast for us to catch him but he did leave us special cookie treats to enjoy.