The Kindergarteners got to visit the Lab to practice how to use the computers. They had a chance to meet our computer lab teacher, Ms. Fergerson (Ms. Fergie). Parents, you can help reinforce proper computer skills by encouraging your child to find the "home row" of keys on the keyboard. The left and right index fingers should rest on the letters, "F" and "J," with the thumbs on the space bar and the rest of the fingers resting on their own individual keys (however, currently our Kindergarteners' hands may be too small to reach all of the home row keys at once). The letters, "F" and "J" have raised bumps to help remind users where the fingers should rest, and the hands and fingers should be in a curled and relaxed position (much like the form when playing the piano). 

Our students should build these proper keyboarding habits early so they avoid needing to unlearn incorrect habits later on. Far too often students (and even adults) end up developing "chicken-pecking" habits which require the user to constantly look for and tap one letter at a time.