Monday: Red Day- We read the story, The Little Red Hen, and practiced cutting, coloring, and gluing to make our own little red hens. We also created a circle map to draw and write about things that are red like strawberries, apples, fire trucks, etc. 

Tuesday: Yellow Day- We read the story, Dandelion, which is about a lion that learns he is perfect just the way he is, and he doesn't need to change his appearances. We practiced our fine motor skills and made our own Dandelion by tearing paper to be his mane. 

Wednesday: Blue Day- We read the Caldecott Award winning story, Blueberries for Sal. Sal is a young girl who goes out with her mother to pick blueberries. We practiced counting to ten by gluing ten paper blueberries onto our bucket crafts. We also got to visit the new STEAM Lab to practice writing the word, "blue," onto the whiteboard tables! 

Thursday: Green Day- We read one of my favorite books- Little Blue and Little Yellow. Little Blue and Little Yellow discover that when they hug together, they mix and make green! The children got their very own little blue ball and little yellow ball of play doh. The children "hugged" the balls together until it made green! 

Friday: Purple Day- We watched a short video of Harold and the Purple Crayon. The children practiced writing the word, "purple" and drawing purple items like grapes, balloons, plums, eggplants, etc. onto their circle maps. We had such a fun week practicing our color words, and celebrated with Fun Friday Centers!