Updated 9/6/19: Thank you, Ms. Bailey, for coming in to be a guest reader during Divine’s Mighty Mustang week! You were such a great reader!

Each Friday afternoon, one student is selected to be the Mighty Mustang of the Week. This student gets to take home the Mighty Mustang binder, Kindness Cam, and our little stuffed Mighty. The student has a few special privileges and tasks that he/she gets to complete during the week:

  • All About Me poster: Help your child complete the poster and include photographs and/or drawings to share with the class. We will display the poster for friends to see all week.

  • Play with Mighty!: Your child gets to play with our mascot, Mighty, all weekend long! Help your child write about his/her adventure with Mighty, and include either a photograph and/or drawing of their playtime.

  • Kindness Cam: Using the Kindergarten Kindness Cam (iPod Touch), have your child snap a few pictures (no more than 5) documenting how your child demonstrated kindness to others or witnessed an act of kindness from someone else.

  • Bring a share Item: Your child can bring a small item that is special to him/her to share with the class. Examples could be a favorite book, game, trophy, toy, collection, photo, etc. Items will be sent back home after sharing. Please avoid sending in very fragile/breakable items.

Parents: Your family is invited to come meet the class and be a guest reader. Simply bring your child’s favorite book to read to the class. Guest reading times are typically Fridays from 2:30 - 2:45 pm.

Please email me (ericadyer@iusd.org) if you will be able to visit, or if you’d like to request a different day/time that might work better for you.