Update: 10/13/17: The Kindergarteners had special visitors from Jeffrey Trail Middle School again-- Mrs. Dyer's alumni! These amazing 8th graders had early-out from their school, and instead of spending their free time out on their own, they wanted to volunteer their time to help their dear old teacher and the Kindergarteners. The kids were so excited to see their Big Kid Helpers come back. Big thank you to Shane, Anabelle, Chloe, Michelle, Janice, Kevin, and Tiffany (4th grader). 

Prior to teaching Kindergarten, I taught third grade for several years. One of my greatest joys is staying in contact with and watching my students continue to grow even years after they've left my classroom. Below are some of my students who have returned to assist me and the Kindergarteners. They are currently in 7th and 8th grades! I am so proud of each and every one of them! Not all of them are pictured below, but here's a special shoutout to Michelle, Janice, Chloe, Anabelle, Eugene, Sully, and Mia! I appreciate you all!