During parent conferences, we discussed different ways you can help your child be successful in Kindergarten! One way is to help them practice their computer logins. 

You were each given your child's login information with their username and passwords. Please help your child practice typing their logins on any computer at home. You may use the attached Google Doc as a way to help your child pay attention to the different color lines. 

There are 5 different colored lines. This is because on desktop computer keyboards (and Apple computers if you have one at home), the letters are UPPERCASE. On the Chrome Books, the letters on the keyboards are lowercase. Children also need to pay attention that keyboards may have the "old-style" version of the letter "a" and they may not readily recognize it as the same letter they practice in school. Please also have your child practice typing the "@" symbol by holding down "command" and "2." 

You may download and use the provided practice form on your home computer with your child. 

***Note: Although your child's login information looks like there are spaces in between, do not ask your child to type spaces (this will cause a login error). The teachers put the spaces in to help the kids visually break up the information.