Every month, one student from each of the Kindergarten classes gets selected to have the Mustang LEAD Lunch with Mr. Battenfield!  LEAD stands for Live our values, Exhibit respect, Act safely, and Do your best. Students selected are examples of Woodbury LEADers and they will get to eat lunch and spend time with Mr. B! 

Mrs. Mardaresco, one of our fourth grade teachers came to visit with Mighty to teach our Kindergarteners about the LEAD chant. 

Mighty Mustangs, we are strong.
Learn these words and sing along. 
L-E-A-D, that spells LEAD. 
It is also our school's creed. 

L means, Live our values!
E means, Exhibit respect!
A means, Act safely!
D means, Do your best!

Mighty Mustangs, lead the way. 
Our behavior's a-okay. 
Ask us what the letters mean. 
We will tell you as a team. 

L means, Live our values!
E means, Exhibit respect!
A means, Act safely!
D means, Do your best!

Mighty Mustangs, LEAD the way! 

Update 2/26/18: For the month of April and May, Daley and Ashkon were selected. Daley enjoys coming to school and helping her classmates every day. Ashkon always tries to set a good example for others in the areas of perseverance, positive mental attitude, and respect. 

For the month of March, Adam was selected. Adam tries hard in school and has made great growth since the start of the school year. He has one of the happiest and cheerful smiles around, and loves to give hugs to his friends. 

For the month of February, Wyatt Jack was selected. Wyatt Jack loves school and is always so happy and excited to try new things. He can often be heard exclaiming, "This is the best day ever!"

For the month of January, Lia was selected to have lunch with Mr. Battenfield. Lia loves to help the teacher and classmates and has a bright happy smile on her face everyday. 

For the month of December, Hudson was selected because he always has a positive attitude, is friendly with his classmates, and loves to learn. 

For the month of November, Avery was selected because she can always be seen listening intently and respectfully to speakers. She also demonstrates patience and cooperation with her peers. 

For the month of October, Xander was selected because he has been demonstrating great perseverance in his learning. He is respectful in class, a good friend to others, and shows PMA each and every day. Way to go, Xander! 

For September, Callie was selected because she always tries to use polite manners to show respect, keeps a smile on her face to show PMA, and she always demonstrates compassion and kindness towards her classmates. Great job, Callie!