Update: 9/20/19: The students got to taste the applesauce that they helped make. They also got to taste the difference between red apple chips and green apple chips. It has been so much fun learning about apples. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FAMILIES WHO DONATED SUPPLIES FOR OUR APPLE WEEKS!

Update: 9/19/19: The children got to chop up their own apples to help us make apple sauce. They safely practiced using a plastic knife and remembered that knives are tools, not toys. We also got to cut open an apple vertically and horizontally to see the core. When we cut the apple horizontally, we learned that the seeds form the shape of a star! After observing the inside of the apple, the children used the apple halves to stamp their own apple writing and artwork. Finally, the students got to enjoy eating apple sauce that they helped make!

Update: 9/13/19: We sponge and q-tip painted our own apple trees using our handprints. And we learned about the apple tree life cycle. It all begins with the seeds, then a seedling sprouts, then a young tree starts to grow. After it becomes an adult tree, pink flower blossoms start to bloom. After the flowers fall off, a fruitlet starts to grow at the base of the flower, and eventually swells to become the apple. You can still see parts of the flower blossom on the bottom of every apple!

Update 9/11/19: Our class read the Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up on Top, and then created our own pictures of apples stack up high on our heads! Take a look at the pictures below! Even our assistant principal, Mrs. Lambert joined in on the fun. 

Update 9/9/19: We learned about Johnny Appleseed, practiced our sequencing skills and made Johnny Appleseed puppets! 

Kindergarten is studying apples! Please consider sending in an already-washed apple with your child for the class to use as part of our learning activities! We still need more apples (particularly yellow ones). In class, we will cut them open, explore the seeds, try to taste the differences, and even cook our own applesauce. If your child has any allergies to apples (cinnamon or lemon juice), and should not eat any, please email me asap.