Update: 9/15/17: To continue our apple theme, the children practiced finding the sight words, "the, see, my, like" in an apple tree. They also used their handprint, sponges, and q-tips to paint an apple tree! 

Update 9/13/17: The students discovered that the inside of an apple core has seeds, and if you cut an apple horizontally, the seeds lay in the shape of a star! We used our apples to stamp apple shapes and to write, "I see _____ apples" and "I like _____ apples."

Update 9/8/17: We learned about Johnny Appleseed, practiced our sequencing skills and made Johnny Appleseed puppets! 

Update 9/6/17: Our class read the Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up on Top, and then created our own pictures of apples stack up high on our heads! Take a look at the pictures below! Even our assistant principal, Mrs. Lambert joined in on the fun. 

This week, we will be studying apples! Please consider sending in an already-washed apple with your child for the class to use as part of our learning activities! We still need more apples (particularly yellow ones). In class, we will cut them open, explore the seeds, try to taste the differences, and even cook our own applesauce. If your child has any allergies to apples (cinnamon or lemon juice), and should not eat any, please email me asap.