Woodbury Elementary practices multiple types of emergency drills- fire drills, earthquake drills, and lockdowns. 

There are two types of lockdowns: 

  • Soft lockdown: used in the event that there might be a swarm of bees or a coyote outside; students are brought inside the building and lessons will go on as normal. 
  • Hard lockdown: used in the event that there is suspicious activity or an intruder on or near campus; students are brought inside to be hidden and silent in the classrooms, doors are locked, and the Irvine Police Department is called. 

Although it can seem scary to think about, it is important that we practice these scenarios and are realistically cautious about the possibility of the need of a hard lockdown, even though we hope and pray we never need it in a real situation. 

Please discuss this as appropriately with your child. It might also be a good idea to make a plan with your entire family about what to do if the children are approached by a stranger during a family outing. Our children may be young, but we must still equip them with these important life skills!