We had a once-a-year opportunity to visit a special event called the Living Museum. It is a third grade research project conducted by our Big Buddies. The Big Buddies work for a solid month researching a famous figure who has made a positive impact on the world- it could be an inventor, a pioneer, a president, a musician, a performer, an athlete, a world-leader, a social activist, a scientist, an animal researcher, an author, an artist-- any famous person! By the end of the project, the third graders have to memorize responses to 11 interview questions, dress in a costume to represent their famous person, and transform themselves into a real-life version of their famous figure! It is a great project!

Our Kindergarteners visited the Living Museum and had the chance to ask interview questions to the famous figures to learn about each of them. Then they even got to ask the famous person for his/her autograph! It was a great experience for everyone!