Mrs. Dyer is expecting a baby soon. Here are some questions that our parents may be wondering and asking. 

  • When is Mrs. Dyer due?
    • She is due at the end of August with her second daughter. She plans on teaching all the way until the baby arrives. 
  • Who will be in charge of the class when Mrs. Dyer has her baby?
    • A certificated long-term substitute will take over the class. The substitute is highly qualified and has been personally interviewed and selected by Mr. Battenfield, Mrs. Lambert, and Mrs. Dyer. 
    • Update: 8/21/18: Ms. Shockley will be Mrs. Dyer's long term substitute. An email from Mr. Battenfield was sent to all of our class parents on August 21st. Ms. Shockley is an excellent teacher who completed her student teaching at Woodbury last year and is familiar with our school’s academic expectations and our value-driven culture. In addition, she exhibits a passion for teaching, a heart for children, and a fun and upbeat disposition.
  • How will the substitute know what to do?
    • Mrs. Dyer will leave detailed plans on classroom lessons, routines, procedures, student information (academic goals/needs, medical/allergy information, accommodations, etc.), classroom discipline and expectations. Additionally, Mrs. Hong (who teaches the AM Kindergarten class and assists with the PM class) will also be in the classroom to work with the substitute. Our instructional assistant, Mrs. Black, will also be working closely with the substitute everyday. Additionally, the substitute will engage in regular planning meetings with the entire Kindergarten teaching team. 
  • What will the children think about having another teacher?
    • Children are typically very adaptable and enjoy meeting new teachers. The substitute will have overlap days with Mrs. Dyer and the children to observe and slowly take over instruction. The transition will be kept simple and the children will be introduced to the substitute early so they may all build rapport before Mrs. Dyer takes leave. 
  • Who should parents contact if they have questions?
    • The substitute will take over all classroom instruction and home/school communication. Parents may choose to cc Mrs. Dyer on emails if they wish, but the substitute will handle most responses. If for any reason the substitute needs more information to answer parent questions, Mrs. Dyer will still be involved as necessary. 
  • When will Mrs. Dyer come back? 
    • Mrs. Dyer anticipates returning to the classroom early February 2019. 

If parents have any other questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Dyer, and your question and answer will be added to this post.