Every Thursday, students will take home their Weekly Conduit envelope. This will contain student work that was done in class, school and PTA news, field trip permission slips, parent letters, etc. Please go through all papers that are inside. If any forms need to be completed, signed, or returned, please send forms back to school in the Conduit the next day.

  • Student work: ask your child about what he/she did in class

  • School/PTA news: read all newsletters and especially remember to sign up as a PTA member and consider donating.

  • Review all of the materials in the folder, and return any necessary paperwork or forms in the Conduit on Fridays.

If there is no school on a Friday, then the Conduit will be returned on the following Monday. Occasionally, if there is very little paper to be sent home, then Conduits might be skipped for a week.