Periodically, Book Baggies will be sent home with your child. They are ziplock bags with either yellow, green, or blue reading log sheets inside. You will also find a book that your child has practiced reading in class that day. 

When these baggies come home, please practice reading the enclosed book or Scholastic magazine with your child multiple times. Complete the paper form with the date, title of the text, how many times you and your child read together, if your child read it easily/fluently or with difficulty, and your signature. Return the completed form and the Book Baggie to school the next day. 


  • Any published or bound books (like our Houghton Mifflin reading series) must be returned to school in the Book Baggie the next day. We only have a limited number of copies of these books, and they belong to Woodbury Elementary. 
  • Any paper copy booklets (like xeroxed copied books or the Scholastic magazines) can be kept at home to read again and again.