Update: 5/7/19: All library books will be due by May 24th so that Ms. Rusmisel can close the library for the end of the year.

Every Friday, the children visit the library. Did you know that Woodbury Elementary has over 20,000 books in our library? And all of those books are organized, sorted, categorized, and kept neat and tidy by our amazing librarian, Mrs. Rusmisel. Mrs. Rusmisel is such a wonderful member of our Woodbury staff. She loves children and she loves instilling a love of reading in our students. She has been teaching our Kindergarteners about various genres, parts of a book, story elements, characters and settings, and exposing them to different authors and themes. In a school of over 1,200 students, she can even remember specific students’ interests and will say, “Hey, didn’t you check out a Star Wars book last week too?” We’re so grateful for Mrs. Rusmisel!