Update 9/20/19: The children were so surprised when they checked on their radish plants. Some students predicted that the plants would grow better either in the sunlight or in the dark. Unexpectedly, the seeds that were kept in a box with a lid covering them grew better! The sprouts were much taller, and even started getting entangled with neighboring plants. The seeds that were out in the sunlight grew much slower, but we believe that it might have been due to the hot weather drying out all of the plant’s water. The students took home the plants today, and will be able to continue to watch it grow.

We have begun our Mystery Science lessons. While we are studying apples for apple week, we are learning how plants and trees grow. The children are practicing how to be like a scientist and have made predictions about whether plants will grow better when in the sunlight or in the dark.

Every child planted radish seeds into soil (in a cup), and made predictions in their writing journals. Then our class placed some cups outside in the sun, and some cups under a box lid to keep it dark. We will be watering and checking on our seeds everyday to see if they sprout.