The TK and Kindergarten Team has posted a DonorsChoose project called, Genius Kits for Genius Kids. With collective funding, we are hoping to receive Osmo Genius and Little Genius Kits to use with the children in rotations. These kits will engage the students in cooperative hands-on learning. With your help, it’s possible that we can get the project funded with as little as $12 per student. Once funded, the kits will be shared across the grade level.

The students will be able to use the Osmo Genius kits during group rotations and play cooperative games to solidify their knowledge of number sense, letter sounds, shapes, and even begin introductory lessons in coding! Students will learn perseverance and problem solving skills, as well as grow in their social-emotional skills as they learn to share and work with classmates to complete the learning puzzles. Learning will sound like joyful laughter and look like smiling faces!

In the past, Mrs. Dyer’s classroom has had TEN DonorsChoose projects Fully Funded through community donations, parent donations, and company grants like the Chevron Fuel Your School Program (4 times!), and the Disneyland CREATE grant (3 times!). These projects have brought in countless art supplies and technology equipment such as iPads and iPod Touch devices. Please consider helping us fund another project!