Our Big Buddies' crayfish are here! All of the students are so excited. There are crayfish of different sizes and characteristics. Everyday, the third graders observe the crayfish and take notes on its behaviors and characteristics. There are many courageous students who are eager to touch and hold the crayfish and are taught how to safely handle these live creatures. Some crayfish can be more aggressive, while the others can be more docile (we try to leave the aggressive ones alone). 

The Kindergarteners had a chance to meet the crayfish today. Our Big Buddies introduced us to each one, helped identify which are male and female, shared what each crayfish's personality is like, and taught us some fun facts about these small crustaceans! For example, did you know that if a crayfish loses one of its legs, pincers, or antennae, it can grow back a new one? Almost all of our Kindergarten students were even brave enough to pet the crayfish! They are so excited to grow up and study the crayfish like their Big Buddies one day!