Our Valentine's Day party will take place on Wednesday, February 14th. Here is a fun homework project to get ready for Valentine's Day. Spend time with your child to wrap an old cereal box to hold Valentine's Day grams! Here are some basic steps:

  1. Your child may use any old cardboard cereal box. Cracker, cookie, or shoe boxes will work also!

  2. Cut off the four flaps at the top or help your child by cutting open the box to his/her design of choice.

  3. Help your child wrap the box with colored paper. Your child could use construction paper (I will send home pink/red construction paper in the Conduits to use) or your child could use his/her favorite colorful gift wrap paper), and be in charge of the scotch tape!

  4. Bring in the wrapped box by Tuesday, February 13th.

  5. We will decorate the boxes in class during our party and have them ready to collect our Valentine's Day cards!

(If you have any Valentine's Day related stickers, red/pink ribbon, foam cut-outs, etcetera, and are willing to donate them, please send them in with your child)

Take a look at some examples.