Updated 10/31/17: See the photos below from our Fall Fun Day parade and festivities! Thank you to our parent volunteers who came to assist and to donate supplies to make our day extra fun! 


Back by popular demand is Woodbury's Annual Fall Fun Day. Fall Fun Day is scheduled on Tuesday, October 31st.

Important: ALL PM Kinder students will be at school from 8:00 am to 11:20 am. 

We will allow the children to come to school dressed in a costume and we will have a parade in the morning beginning at 8:00 am. Parents wanting to get pictures of the parade can line up anywhere along the edges of the parade route. The route will travel starting from the Kindergarten yard, around the school, across the blacktop, and around the Woodbury community sidewalk. Participation in dressing up is completely optional. Below are the costume guidelines:

  • Children come to school dressed in their costume. We will not allow costume changes to take place at school.
  • Children should wear a costume that can be comfortably worn throughout the entire day.
  • Be sure to have your children wear proper clothes and underclothes underneath their costume just in case they find their costume to be too hot or uncomfortable and wish to take it off before the day is over.
  • Children may not wear masks to school.
  • Children may not wear make-up to school. (For example, no full face make up, no dripping blood, no make-up on hands that will smear on papers.)
  • Children should not bring any object that they will need to hold in their hands. Of special emphasis is our State Education Code that states children may not bring any toy weapons to school of any sort at any time.
  • Children should not come in costumes that depict any kind of graphic violence.
  • Children should be discouraged from wearing any costume material that could be easily damaged.