On Thursday, October 19th, our school will participate in the CA Great Shakeout- a day to practice emergency drills statewide. You may have seen yellow signs posted throughout the school announcing the Shakeout date and time (October 19th 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm). All students and staff will participate in a full drill to practice safety procedures. The staff will practice search and rescue, as well as mock first aid procedures, however this is only a practice drill. Any parent volunteer that is on campus at the time of the drill should remain with the class they are volunteering in to help with student supervision. Your job would be to help keep students calm and quiet.

In the event of a real emergency, students will ONLY be released to parents/guardians who have checked in at one of the two Reunion Stations. You must show ID to match the student’s emergency release form. Please do not pick up your child before checking in at the Reunion Station. Staff members will not release students prior to confirming guardian ID. Thus, it is important to make sure your contact information for your child is up to date at all times.

If appropriate for your family, you may choose to have a discussion with your child regarding what to do if there were truly an emergency situation (both during school times and at home). It is important for children to know what to do and how to stay safe. Here at Woodbury, the staff’s number one priority is to keep children safe. We review and practice our safety procedures regularly so that our school is always prepared.