I LOVE BOOKS! I could easily spend an hour (and way too much money) in the children's section at Barnes and Nobles. But this week, I got to shop with our kids at the Scholastic Book Fair here at school thanks to our spectacular PTA! They provided every teacher on campus money to shop for new classroom books! I can't even begin to tell you how excited every teacher is to hear about this great news. Anytime teachers can get new school supplies or books is like opening presents on Christmas Day! Teachers are simple people... opening a fresh box of pencils, using a new chisel-tipped whiteboard marker, or hearing the creak of a hard covered book when you first open it are the things that make us so happy. 

Our class had such a great time shopping for new books and the kids couldn't wait to read their new books! It was such a great thing to see as a teacher. Parents, continue encouraging your children to read, read, read!

Thank you, Parent Volunteers, for helping our kids shop and manage their money.