Update: 9/19/19: The children had their art lesson about Frida Kahlo, and created their own artwork to make a monkey because Ms. Kahlo loved animals and even had her own pet monkey. See pictures below.

Thanks to the PTA, Kindergarten gets to receive FIBO art lessons! The kids were so excited as soon as they heard that they will be getting art lessons. We began with an assembly in the MPR, and then the amazing and very well-trained FIBO art instructors will lead the art lesson the following week. They provide all of the necessary materials, the staff is very well trained, and they always keep the children thoroughly engaged. For families interested in enrolling their children in FIBO art classes, the company has an art studio locally at the Tustin Marketplace next to Color Me Mine. Your child could even take a free introductory class to start!

Visit the FIBO website for more information ›