Our Valentine's Day party is on Wednesday, Feb. 14. We will have a celebration in the classroom, and greatly appreciate the volunteers who have signed up to contribute items to the party. As a common tradition, many students enjoy passing out valentine grams to their classmates (but it is most certainly not mandatory to pass out anything). Below is some helpful information.

  • There are currently 31 children (13 girls, 18 boys) in our class. Please do not fill in names in the "To:" field, just be sure to fill in the "From:" field on each note.

  • Avoid candy/food grams if possible. *** We have dairy and gluten allergies in our class. Alternatives may include non-edible items such as stickers, pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, simple handwritten notes, plain valentine cards, stamps, bookmarks, etc.

  • Here are a few sample items that make great valentine grams!

  • The students will be able to pass out their Valentine grams in class, but they will not be allowed to open (or eat) any of the grams until they are home. This will allow parents to check any candy/food grams that may have been passed out before the children consume them.

  • Lastly, I recently heard of a sweet idea that parents can choose to do. Write your child a surprise love note for him/her to find and read in their snack or lunch bags!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! Thank you in advance for your partnership!