3/13/18: The Jogathon has been postponed to April 18th due to the weather conditions. This will give us an additional month to earn pledges! Additionally, for any families that earned the Woodbury picnic blankets, there was unfortunately a manufacturing error on the company's part. Blankets will be collected and NEW ones will be redistributed to families after break. 

3/12/18: We have moved down to 11th place (previously in 8th place). The first place class currently has over $3200! Let’s keep our donations and pledges coming in! The children enjoyed their Krispy Kreme donuts today and children who have collected over $85 received their custom Woodbury Elementary picnic blankets. Children who have collected over $35 will receive their custom Woodbury pins too, but they haven’t delivered to the school just yet. There’s still time to continue collecting!

3/7/18: Thank you to the eleven families who have donated to our Jogathon Pledges so far! Thanks to you, we have achieved the $1000 mark and have earned our Krispy Kreme donuts! The first place class currently has over $2500! Maybe we can match the top earning classes!

Woodbury families, our annual Jogathon is coming soon on March 14th. The theme this year is baseball. Our class has been assigned the Texas Rangers Students can wear the Texas Rangers' school colors of red and blue for the jog. 

Kindergarten will be participating in the event from 10:50 AM to 11:10AM.  See flyer attached. Some of the prizes include: 

  • Everyone who brings in at least $35 in pledges will receive a custom 2018 commemorative pin. 
  • Everyone who brings in at least $85 in pledges will receive the custom 2018 commemortive pin and a custom Woodbury Elementary stadium/picnic blanket! (see photo below)
  • Classroom competition-  the top 3 classes that bring in the most money will get to participate in a special party! 
  • The 3 fastest girls and the 3 fastest boys in each class will earn gold, silver, and bronze medals (see photo below).
  • The top 3 pledge earners in each class will also earn gold, silver, and bronze medals. 
  • Our class will run between 10:50 - 11:10 (we will take our class photo at about 10:30 am). Please come out to cheer on our kids around the jogging route! 
  • This is our biggest fundraiser and one of the most exciting things our PTA does all year! 

You and your child(ren) can collect pledges ONLINE, from friends and family anywhere in the world!

It's EASY, just follow these steps:

1)  Visit or ( to register and send out pledge request emails.
2)  In the right hand column, use "Register Here" by adding your first and last name and your email address (even if you have registered before from previous years).  The system will send you a password by email.
3)  Log into the system using the "Sign In Here" feature on the left column and the password emailed to you.
4)  Once you are logged in, you can upload a picture of your child(ren), then the system will ask for email addresses, names and salutations.
5)  Enter information for all your friends and family, one at a time, clicking the "+" icon to add additional entries. The system will automatically email your recipients with a personal and heart warming message, asking for pledges.
6) If you have technical issues, you may contact (888) 598-7510.

You can always log back in and add more names, later. You will receive emails from the system notifying you when people make a pledge to your child. Let's help make this year's Jogathon the BEST ever!  Thank you for your support!

All students are highly encouraged to gather as many Jogathon pledges as possible! This is a big fundraiser for our PTA and the proceeds generated benefit our students and our entire school greatly. With that in mind, please thank the PTA Leadership as you see them for their generous donation designated for technology and emergency equipment/supplies.