(Please click on the photo above to enlarge and view the schedule).

UPDATED: 8/23/19: We are in need of parent volunteers to assist in a few more days/times. Please see the weekly schedule above and email Mrs. Dyer if you are available. Thank you!

Please review the DRAFT parent volunteer schedule for 2019-2020. Check to be sure that your name is listed under the correct date, time, and assignment. If there are any errors, please let Mrs. Dyer know as soon as possible so that it can be corrected. If you do not see your name listed, but you would like to volunteer, please email me and I will add you in. 

IMPORTANT: If you have never volunteered at Woodbury Elementary before, please stop by the office to complete the visitor/volunteer registration. You will need to bring your Drivers License to scan in and then you will be given a visitors sticker badge. This is to help keep our students safe. 

I will host a clerical training session on Thursday, August 8th from 11:30 - 12:00. Please try to attend so that I can show you how to use the copy machines in the supply room.

Clerical Parents: This role can start immediately after the training session. Our parent volunteer station is in the Kindergarten pod. Directions for copies are always paperclipped to each original copy. All Kindergarten parent volunteers work together for all of the kindergarten copies. Each set of copies will go into each teacher's bin at the station. 

Conduits: Please begin Thursday, August 8th. Student papers will be filed into each of their Conduits. When the Conduits are stuffed, please put each child's Conduit into his/her cubby to take home that day.

Library (Fridays): Please begin August 9th.

Computer (Wednesdays): Please begin August 14th.

Literacy and Math Rotations: Please begin the week of August 12th.

PE (Mondays): Please begin August 12th. 

Room Parents: Please share your email addresses and contact information so that you can coordinate for parties. We typically have parties for Fall Fun Day (October), Friendship Feast (November), Winter Celebration (December), 100th Day (January), Valentine's Day (February), and End of the Year (June). I will provide you with more information when the dates get closer. 

Home Helpers: Items will be sent home periodically as needed with directions on what to do.