Pennies for Prevention: Please consider donating to our Pennies for Prevention fundraiser for Red Ribbon Week. Mrs. Dyer's class has won the Pennies for Prevention contest TWICE in the past and earned the Red Ribbon Week piggy bank and a class party! Our class is determined to win the contest again! This program was developed by the Irvine Community Drug Prevention, Irvine PD, and the City of Irvine in an effort to support alcohol, drug, tobacco, and violence prevention here in Irvine. Additionally, Woodbury earns $1.00 for every pound of pennies collected. The class with the highest average pound of pennies per person will win a class party and the Red Ribbon Week piggy bank! And our school earns money for every pound of penny collected. 

Red Ribbon Week Daily Dress Up:

Monday, October 23rd:  "Your Future is Key! Who will you be?" Students wear red clothing to kick off Red Ribbon Week. 

Tuesday, October 24th: "Team Up for Health" Kids wear their favorite sports jersey or t-shirt. 

Wednesday, October 25th: "Lei Off Drugs" Kids wear hawaiian attire. 

Thursday, October 26th: "Shield Your Body From Drugs!" Kids wear their favorite super-hero shirt.

Friday, October 27th: "Be Mighty! Be Strong!" Kids wear a school spirit shirt or school colors

Below are pictures from last year's Red Ribbon Week.