Update: 9/6/19: Our Room 2 parents have been SO generous! Thank you all who have donated items from our classroom wish list! We have already started implementing some of the items.

An old African proverb once said, "It takes a village to raise a child," and that indeed still reigns true today. Please consider selecting an item off our classroom wish list to donate. Many times, parents have asked me what they can bring in to support learning in the classroom, and it’s always difficult to think about it on the spot. And so, another parent suggested I make an ongoing wish list for those times when I realize our kids could really benefit from certain school supplies and learning toys.

Items on our wish list are things we could always use in our classroom to help things run smoothly. Items from this list are completely optional, but we do use them routinely for various activities. Please keep us in mind and feel free to send in any of these items throughout the year. Wish list items also make great options as a class gift for student birthdays! Your gift will help benefit and provide countless children great joy for years and years to come! Again, our class greatly appreciates any donations! THANK YOU!