Report cards may be accessed Friday afternoon, Feb. 22 on the Parent Portal. Please take the time to review your student's report card and celebrate their progress in Kindergarten! Each Common Core standard is assessed with:

Progress Towards Standards

M: Meets year end grade level standards
P: Progressing towards meeting year end standards
L: Limited progress towards meeting year end standards
NA: Standard was not applicable during this period

For the first and second trimesters, you should expect your student to be earning mostly P's as we are not done learning and are still progressing toward year end standards. Some areas might be marked with an M, meaning your child has done a great job learning and growing in that standard! Areas with limited progress are marked with an L; these are areas that can be practiced more throughout this next trimester so that we can continue to see academic growth. 

Effort Grades

O: Outstanding
S: Satisfactory
N: Needs Improvement

Additionally, students are given an effort grade for each subject. We no longer have the option of giving a G for good, as we previously did years ago, and so for this reason, please understand that an S+ is an area where students are providing good effort and could challenge themselves to participate more, stay more focused, or practice neatness and careful work.

Awards Assemblies

Each trimester when the report cards are published online, Woodbury Elementary also has awards assemblies for each of the grade levels. At the Kindergarten level, all children receive an award (in grades 1st-6th, awards are based on citizenship and behavior, as well as academic effort), but the class is divided into three separate assemblies throughout the year (1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester). Awards are given in the areas of our seven school values: cooperation, compassion, integrity, initiative, perseverance, PMA- positive mental attitude, and respect. Please know that if your child does not receive an award at beginning of the year assemblies, he/she might be scheduled for an assembly later in the year. Each child should work hard everyday to show our school values so they are selected for one of the seven areas. Values are also a great area to enforce in the home setting as well! 

Parents: If your child is selected for an award, you will receive a separate email providing you with the date and time to attend.