This is the year to let your children discover who they are as individuals. Be there to help them grow but allow them to learn from their mistakes, too!

Third grade is an exceptionally fun and exciting year in elementary school. Parents, you will see a tremendous amount of growth in your child between the start and end of the school year. They will be challenged not only in their academics, but also in social-emotional aspects, maturity, as well as independence.

third grade curriculum

English & Language Arts

  • Houghton Mifflin Reading series
    • Vocabulary development
    • Structural analysis
    • Reading comprehension
    • Reading fluency
  • RTI (Response-to-Instruction)
    • Differentiated instruction, four days a week


  • Three narrative styles
    • Narratives
    • Opinion
    • Informative/Expository


  • Go Math curriculum
  • Math Facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Mult-step multiplication
  • Multi-step problems
  • Fractions


  • Foss Science curriculum
    • Matter and energy
    • Sun, Moon and stars
    • Animal structures

Social Studies

  • Scott Foresman curriculum
    • California regions
    • Native Americans
    • Communities
    • SimuTown


  • Physical education
    • Music
    • Computer lab
    • Library

practical Perspectives from former class parents

β€œProvide room for your child to develop while observing and providing advice.”

β€œHave your child keep up with math facts.” 

β€œMy child has learned to be responsible for knowing his daily homework assignments, often referring to the website or his binder which was a very useful tool.”

β€œI loved the "We Come From Everywhere" play, SimuTown and Living Museum. They were VERY impressive and Mrs. Dyer and the students put in a lot of time and effort. It really showed.” 

β€œLet the teachers do their jobs β€” let the kid fail and fall sometimes. It prepares them for upper grade.” 

β€œCheck the class website and communicate.” 

β€œAllow your child to embrace his/her independence as a 3rd grader. Thanks to Mrs. Dyer, they learn a lot of skills to help discover or refine how to be accountable and responsible for their own work and actions, which in turn will prepare them for becoming more independent upper graders. Give them creative freedom to do all of the major projects (Living Museum, Simutown, etc.) on their own and assist only when asked.” 

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Albert Einstein

About Mrs. Dyer

Mrs. Dyer is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development. She received her M.A. in Education and teaching credential from Pepperdine University.

She has been working in the education field for over a decade, serving students in general education as well as special needs.