Mystery Science Lessons

Update 9/20/19: The children were so surprised when they checked on their radish plants. Some students predicted that the plants would grow better either in the sunlight or in the dark. Unexpectedly, the seeds that were kept in a box with a lid covering them grew better! The sprouts were much taller, and even started getting entangled with neighboring plants. The seeds that were out in the sunlight grew much slower, but we believe that it might have been due to the hot weather drying out all of the plant’s water. The students took home the plants today, and will be able to continue to watch it grow.

We have begun our Mystery Science lessons. While we are studying apples for apple week, we are learning how plants and trees grow. The children are practicing how to be like a scientist and have made predictions about whether plants will grow better when in the sunlight or in the dark.

Every child planted radish seeds into soil (in a cup), and made predictions in their writing journals. Then our class placed some cups outside in the sun, and some cups under a box lid to keep it dark. We will be watering and checking on our seeds everyday to see if they sprout.

Mighty Mustang of the Week

Updated 9/6/19: Thank you, Ms. Bailey, for coming in to be a guest reader during Divine’s Mighty Mustang week! You were such a great reader!

Each Friday afternoon, one student is selected to be the Mighty Mustang of the Week. This student gets to take home the Mighty Mustang binder, Kindness Cam, and our little stuffed Mighty. The student has a few special privileges and tasks that he/she gets to complete during the week:

  • All About Me poster: Help your child complete the poster and include photographs and/or drawings to share with the class. We will display the poster for friends to see all week.

  • Play with Mighty!: Your child gets to play with our mascot, Mighty, all weekend long! Help your child write about his/her adventure with Mighty, and include either a photograph and/or drawing of their playtime.

  • Kindness Cam: Using the Kindergarten Kindness Cam (iPod Touch), have your child snap a few pictures (no more than 5) documenting how your child demonstrated kindness to others or witnessed an act of kindness from someone else.

  • Bring a share Item: Your child can bring a small item that is special to him/her to share with the class. Examples could be a favorite book, game, trophy, toy, collection, photo, etc. Items will be sent back home after sharing. Please avoid sending in very fragile/breakable items.

Parents: Your family is invited to come meet the class and be a guest reader. Simply bring your child’s favorite book to read to the class. Guest reading times are typically Fridays from 2:30 - 2:45 pm.

Please email me ( if you will be able to visit, or if you’d like to request a different day/time that might work better for you.

Apples Week

Update: 9/20/19: The students got to taste the applesauce that they helped make. They also got to taste the difference between red apple chips and green apple chips. It has been so much fun learning about apples. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FAMILIES WHO DONATED SUPPLIES FOR OUR APPLE WEEKS!

Update: 9/19/19: The children got to chop up their own apples to help us make apple sauce. They safely practiced using a plastic knife and remembered that knives are tools, not toys. We also got to cut open an apple vertically and horizontally to see the core. When we cut the apple horizontally, we learned that the seeds form the shape of a star! After observing the inside of the apple, the children used the apple halves to stamp their own apple writing and artwork. Finally, the students got to enjoy eating apple sauce that they helped make!

Update: 9/13/19: We sponge and q-tip painted our own apple trees using our handprints. And we learned about the apple tree life cycle. It all begins with the seeds, then a seedling sprouts, then a young tree starts to grow. After it becomes an adult tree, pink flower blossoms start to bloom. After the flowers fall off, a fruitlet starts to grow at the base of the flower, and eventually swells to become the apple. You can still see parts of the flower blossom on the bottom of every apple!

Update 9/11/19: Our class read the Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up on Top, and then created our own pictures of apples stack up high on our heads! Take a look at the pictures below! Even our assistant principal, Mrs. Lambert joined in on the fun. 

Update 9/9/19: We learned about Johnny Appleseed, practiced our sequencing skills and made Johnny Appleseed puppets! 

Kindergarten is studying apples! Please consider sending in an already-washed apple with your child for the class to use as part of our learning activities! We still need more apples (particularly yellow ones). In class, we will cut them open, explore the seeds, try to taste the differences, and even cook our own applesauce. If your child has any allergies to apples (cinnamon or lemon juice), and should not eat any, please email me asap.


Fall Break 2019

Fall Break will be September 23rd through October 14th I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break (don't you just love our year-round schedule?). School resumes on Tuesday, October 15th! 

Big Buddies + Apples + Games

Our Kinders got to meet with their Big Buddies from Mrs. Goodman's class again. The pairs helped each other with squeezing glue (dot, dot, not a lot!) to glue on apples on a collaborative project. Afterwards, the students went outside to play various games like catch, hula hoop, ring toss, and bean bag toss. Everyone had so much fun!


Update: 9/19/19: The children had their art lesson about Frida Kahlo, and created their own artwork to make a monkey because Ms. Kahlo loved animals and even had her own pet monkey. See pictures below.

Thanks to the PTA, Kindergarten gets to receive FIBO art lessons! The kids were so excited as soon as they heard that they will be getting art lessons. We began with an assembly in the MPR, and then the amazing and very well-trained FIBO art instructors will lead the art lesson the following week. They provide all of the necessary materials, the staff is very well trained, and they always keep the children thoroughly engaged. For families interested in enrolling their children in FIBO art classes, the company has an art studio locally at the Tustin Marketplace next to Color Me Mine. Your child could even take a free introductory class to start!

Visit the FIBO website for more information › 

STEAM Lab Lessons

Woodbury students from grades 2nd through 6th get to participate in something called STEAM Lab. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These critical skills and content areas are taught early to children as they are important to many future careers! 

Woodbury Elementary has partnered with BrainStorm STEM Education- "a tech-based academy." BrainStorm sends teachers out to our school everyday to lead lessons in technology which include things like engineering, science, coding, and many other awesome skills! This is not the kind of learning that current adults were exposed to as children, and so this is extra special for our 21st century kids today! 

Sept. 19th: Today, our Kindergarteners got a taste of the STEAM lessons. We participated in LEGO Supercars (students built LEGO cars and raced them down a long track) and Magnetic Sailboats (boats that hover and sail across a track using magnets). It was so much fun! Thank you to our parent volunteer, Ms. Dayu, who came to assist. I hope you had as much fun as the kids did too! 

Class Incentive Party


The class has been working together to enough coffee beans to earn a class incentive party. Through cooperation and determination, they earned the last scoop of beans today! The children will be able to come to school in their comfy jammies and bring a small stuffed animal (no larger than one that will fit inside their backpack!) on Thursday, September 19th. Students must still wear appropriate school shoes.

DonorsChoose: Genius Kits for Genius Kids

The TK and Kindergarten Team has posted a DonorsChoose project called, Genius Kits for Genius Kids. With collective funding, we are hoping to receive Osmo Genius and Little Genius Kits to use with the children in rotations. These kits will engage the students in cooperative hands-on learning. With your help, it’s possible that we can get the project funded with as little as $12 per student. Once funded, the kits will be shared across the grade level.

The students will be able to use the Osmo Genius kits during group rotations and play cooperative games to solidify their knowledge of number sense, letter sounds, shapes, and even begin introductory lessons in coding! Students will learn perseverance and problem solving skills, as well as grow in their social-emotional skills as they learn to share and work with classmates to complete the learning puzzles. Learning will sound like joyful laughter and look like smiling faces!

In the past, Mrs. Dyer’s classroom has had TEN DonorsChoose projects Fully Funded through community donations, parent donations, and company grants like the Chevron Fuel Your School Program (4 times!), and the Disneyland CREATE grant (3 times!). These projects have brought in countless art supplies and technology equipment such as iPads and iPod Touch devices. Please consider helping us fund another project!



Today marks the eighteenth year anniversary of September 11th. Like many Americans, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news report eighteen years ago. Let's never forget the 2,977 individuals that lost their lives that day.