Music Share

Update: 2/21/19: Thank you, Families, for coming to visit for Music Share! We hope you enjoyed hearing the children sing! I loved watching the children sing and I loved seeing the sweet family hugs afterwards!

Mrs. Schulz is our music teacher. The children receive music instruction every other week. This program is funded by the Irvine Public Schools Foundation. On Feb. 21st, families are invited to join the children during Music Share Day! Please join us in Room 2 from 11:30 - 12:05 to watch the children perform! 

Music and Arts instruction is quickly fading from many California schools due to budget cuts. We are fortunate enough that IPSF still provides students with the opportunity to experience various performing arts. Please help maintain music and arts instruction for our children by supporting IPSF!

Read Across America Day

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss' birthday. Every year to celebrate his birthday week, schools across the United States celebrate Read Across America Day! Students are welcomed to wear their favorite jammies (they must still wear closed-toe shoes/sneakers) to school. We will get comfy around our classroom and just enjoy an open time of reading!

*** We would love some parents who would like to visit us to read a few Dr. Seuss books to the children and assist with a Dr. Seuss activity this day between 11:55 - 1:15. Please sign up online if you are interested and available. I currently have one parent signed up so far (as of 2/20).

Centennial Farm Field Trip 2019

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, March 14th for our field trip to the Centennial Farm! ALL Kindergarteners, (both AM and PM schedules) will attend school from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Please return the field trip permission slip, with the requested $10 donation in the envelope provided in your child's Conduit by Friday, March 1st. Our class can take three chaperones- this is a great day for parents who often can't volunteer regularly in the classroom to come on a one-day volunteer opportunity to join your child for school! Chaperones will be in charge of a group of children to keep them safe and accounted for. Please email me if you are interested! In the event that our class has more than the necessary amount of volunteer chaperones, we will draw names from a hat for a random selection to be fair. 

Things to remember:

  • Give your child a hearty breakfast in the morning so they don’t feel hungry before lunch time.

  • ALL students must be at school from 8:00 – 12:00 that day.

o    Do not be late- we need to be ready to board the bus at 8:15 after taking attendance.

o    Be prepared for morning traffic in the parking lot as the entire school begins at 8:00 am. You must park your car in a parking spot and walk your child to the door ***no double-parking, or leaving your car unattended in the loading zone! Do not park your car in the loading zone, or the buses cannot come through.

o    We will dismiss from the classroom; do not pick up your child as we exit the bus. Do not park your car in the loading zone, or the buses cannot come through.

  • Send a packed lunch and disposable drink for your child in a fully disposable bag (i.e. gallon ziplock bag, brown paper bag, etc.) No Tupperware, silverware, reusable water bottles, etc. Use only disposable items. Clearly label the bag with your child’s name on it.

o    We will be eating lunch AT the farm, and we don’t want the children to accidentally leave water bottles, lunch bags, ice packs, etc. at the farm.

  • Be sure your child uses the bathroom at home right before arriving at school!

  • Review safety and behavior expectations with your child. Students MUST be good listeners and exhibit our Woodbury Values.

  • Optional: Having your child wear a Woodbury shirt helps makes him/her easily identifiable while at the farm.

  • CDC/Kid’s Club/iPAC students: please be sure to remind the after school centers that your child will be released from school at 12:00 pm that day.


Every Friday, the children visit the library. Did you know that Woodbury Elementary has over 20,000 books in our library? And all of those books are organized, sorted, categorized, and kept neat and tidy by our amazing librarian, Mrs. Rusmisel. Mrs. Rusmisel is such a wonderful member of our Woodbury staff. She loves children and she loves instilling a love of reading in our students. She has been teaching our Kindergarteners about various genres, parts of a book, story elements, characters and settings, and exposing them to different authors and themes. In a school of over 1,200 students, she can even remember specific students’ interests and will say, “Hey, didn’t you check out a Star Wars book last week too?” We’re so grateful for Mrs. Rusmisel!

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

February is Dental Health Awareness Month, and Dr. Shung and (Tooth Fair) Ms. Min from Simply Orthodontics came to visit our Kindergarteners. Dr. Shung presented how we should all take care of our teeth, brushing at least twice daily and flossing. The children also practiced identifying what types of food are good for our teeth and which foods are not as healthy. 

To help the children remember what they learned, each child received a new t-shirt, courteous of Simply Orthdontics, and created a fun model of our teeth in the classroom. 

"Be the reason someone smiles."

Mighty Mustang of the Week

Update: 2/15/19: Thank you, Mrs. Blackburn, for coming in to read to our class!! 

Each Friday afternoon, one student is selected to be the Mighty Mustang of the Week. This student gets to take home the Mighty Mustang binder, Kindness Noted journal, and our little stuffed Mighty. The student has a few special privileges and tasks that he/she gets to complete during the week:

  • All About Me poster: Students should complete the poster with facts about the student. The student may draw and color pictures, or printed photos may be glued on.

  • Kindness Noted Journal: Students should perform at least one random act of kindness towards another member of the family. Complete a journal entry about the act in the Kindness Noted journal.

  • Bring a Share Item: Students may choose to bring a small item to show and share with the class. It could be a favorite stuffed animal, toy, award, picture, etc.

  • Bring a Favorite Book: Students may bring a favorite book he/she likes to read. We will read it during our share time.

  • Play with Mighty!: Student gets to play with little Mighty all weekend long, taking him on adventures, family outings, playdates, story time, etc. With the help of a grownup at home, the student will write a brief summary of their weekend adventure with Mighty.

Parents: If you are available, you are to invited to visit with your child on the Friday (the last day your child is Mighty Mustang) during Calendar/Mighty Mustang Share Time. Please email me to let me know if you are able to come! We will take a photo and feature you in the photo gallery below! 

STEAM Lab Lessons

Woodbury students from grades 2nd through 6th get to participate in something called STEAM Lab. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These critical skills and content areas are taught early to children as they are important to many future careers! 

Woodbury Elementary has partnered with BrainStorm STEM Education- "a tech-based academy." BrainStorm sends teachers out to our school everyday to lead lessons in technology which include things like engineering, science, coding, and many other awesome skills! This is not the kind of learning that current adults were exposed to as children, and so this is extra special for our 21st century kids today! 

Today, our Kindergarteners got a taste of the STEAM lessons. We participated in Ozo Bots (miniature robots that can be programmed to travel along a drawn line) and Magnetic Sailboats (boats that hover and sail across a track using magnets). It was so much fun! Thank you to our parent volunteers who came to assist. I hope you had as much fun as the kids did too! 

Valentine's Day 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! Our Valentine's Day party was great. A HUGE thank you to our parent volunteers Mr. Chow, Mrs. Chai, Mrs. Perez, and Mrs. Uriarte for helping to organize and run today's rotations. Thank you also to the families who donated decorations, food, and other items for our party! The kids enjoyed fun rotations including:

  • Playing a "Minute to Win-It" conversation heart stacking game

  • Organizing alphabet cups in ABC order

  • Munching on fresh fruits, fruit snacks, and juice refreshments

  • Passing out Valentine grams to each of their classmates

  • A Valentine’s Day themed find and count activity

The kids loved every station!

Valentine's Day Mailboxes

Our Valentine's Day party will take place on Wednesday, February 14th. Here is a fun homework project to get ready for Valentine's Day. Spend time with your child to wrap an old cereal box to hold Valentine's Day grams! Here are some basic steps:

  1. Your child may use any old cardboard cereal box. Cracker, cookie, or shoe boxes will work also!

  2. Cut off the four flaps at the top or help your child by cutting open the box to his/her design of choice.

  3. Help your child wrap the box with colored paper. Your child could use construction paper (I will send home pink/red construction paper in the Conduits to use) or your child could use his/her favorite colorful gift wrap paper), and be in charge of the scotch tape!

  4. Bring in the wrapped box by Tuesday, February 13th.

  5. We will decorate the boxes in class during our party and have them ready to collect our Valentine's Day cards!

(If you have any Valentine's Day related stickers, red/pink ribbon, foam cut-outs, etcetera, and are willing to donate them, please send them in with your child)

Take a look at some examples.