Veterans Day 2018


Veterans Day is a day to honor people who have bravely served in our United States armed services. Be sure to give thanks for all the men and women who have fought to protect each of us in our homeland.

Check out this really neat and extremely special Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona. The five pillars, which represent the five branches of the military, are strategically designed and constructed to allow the sunlight to pass through at precisely 11:11 am on November 11th every year to shine a spotlight over a mosaic of the Great Seal of the United States. How incredible is that!




Today marks the seventeenth year anniversary of September 11th. Like many Americans, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the news report seventeen years ago. Let's never forget the 2,977 individuals that lost their lives that day.

Labor Day: No School

Monday, September 3rd is Labor Day. Woodbury Elementary will be closed. We'll see you all again on Tuesday! Have a wonderful day off. 

Happy Birthday, September Kindergarteners!

September is quite the birthday month in Room 2! Four wonderful children were born this month.

Happy Birthday to our September birthdays, Melissa, Clark, Arthur, and Abby! I love having you all in class!

Mustang Milers Registration


Mustang Milers is an awesome after-school running program here at Woodbury Elementary that promotes healthy living, eating, and fitness. The children train to run the equivalent of a 26.2 mile marathon (broken up into weekly miles). They run their last mile at the Orange County Marathon- Kids Run to earn their marathon medal.

Sign your child up starting September 4th at 6 am! Registration will close on October 19th (or until all slots are taken). Don't wait or slots will fill up! In previous years, Mrs. Dyer had over two-thirds of her class signed up! In fact, the featured photo above are all of Mrs. Dyer's alumni (I miss you Jason, Andrew, Grace, Emily, Anabelle, Michael, and Gabriel. I hope you're all doing well in 9th grade)! Visit the Mustang Milers Facebook page and the program's home page for more information. Registration is $80. Practice dates for 2019 are posted online. Kindergarteners MUST have an adult accompany them at practices. TK and Kindergarten practices are 3:10 pm - 4:00 pm. Grades 1-3 and 4-6 have separate practice times. Again, DO NOT WAIT to register. Every year the program completely fills up to capacity, and I don't want your kids to miss out!


Ice Cream Social

Join us for our annual Ice Cream Social on Friday, August 24th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm! Mingle over ice cream, scooped by your Woodbury Staff, with old friends, new friends, and past and new teachers.  Every Woodbury student will receive a free ice cream, courtesy of the PTA. Additional ice cream will be available for purchase for just $1.

The Ice Cream Social starts at 6:30 PM (August 24th) at the school playground. There will be water games on the field at 6:30. Kids can bring a super soaker or similar if they want to participate in the water fun. We will also have a Hydro Blaster there and kids can drop a ticket during the event for a chance to be called to come up and try it. If anyone would like to challenge another teacher or student, let me know and we can make sure to get you in there.

What is a Hydro Blaster? -2 people stand under a water balloon and you try to pop the others balloon first by pumping it up. See picture below. 


Maternity Leave FAQ

Mrs. Dyer is expecting a baby soon. Here are some questions that our parents may be wondering and asking. 

  • When is Mrs. Dyer due?
    • She is due at the end of August with her second daughter. She plans on teaching all the way until the baby arrives. 
  • Who will be in charge of the class when Mrs. Dyer has her baby?
    • A certificated long-term substitute will take over the class. The substitute is highly qualified and has been personally interviewed and selected by Mr. Battenfield, Mrs. Lambert, and Mrs. Dyer. 
    • Update: 8/21/18: Ms. Shockley will be Mrs. Dyer's long term substitute. An email from Mr. Battenfield was sent to all of our class parents on August 21st. Ms. Shockley is an excellent teacher who completed her student teaching at Woodbury last year and is familiar with our school’s academic expectations and our value-driven culture. In addition, she exhibits a passion for teaching, a heart for children, and a fun and upbeat disposition.
  • How will the substitute know what to do?
    • Mrs. Dyer will leave detailed plans on classroom lessons, routines, procedures, student information (academic goals/needs, medical/allergy information, accommodations, etc.), classroom discipline and expectations. Additionally, Mrs. Hong (who teaches the AM Kindergarten class and assists with the PM class) will also be in the classroom to work with the substitute. Our instructional assistant, Mrs. Black, will also be working closely with the substitute everyday. Additionally, the substitute will engage in regular planning meetings with the entire Kindergarten teaching team. 
  • What will the children think about having another teacher?
    • Children are typically very adaptable and enjoy meeting new teachers. The substitute will have overlap days with Mrs. Dyer and the children to observe and slowly take over instruction. The transition will be kept simple and the children will be introduced to the substitute early so they may all build rapport before Mrs. Dyer takes leave. 
  • Who should parents contact if they have questions?
    • The substitute will take over all classroom instruction and home/school communication. Parents may choose to cc Mrs. Dyer on emails if they wish, but the substitute will handle most responses. If for any reason the substitute needs more information to answer parent questions, Mrs. Dyer will still be involved as necessary. 
  • When will Mrs. Dyer come back? 
    • Mrs. Dyer anticipates returning to the classroom early February 2019. 

If parents have any other questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Dyer, and your question and answer will be added to this post.