Kindergarten Promotion + Picnic

Kindergarten Promotion was such a sweet and memorable day! Thank you, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, and Sisters, for coming out to support our soon-to-be first graders! We hope you felt proud of your children for all of their hard work this year, and are ready to let them grow and shine in first grade (even if you get a little teary-eyed thinking about your little one growing up so fast). 

Thank you also to our generous parents who donated items and dedicated time to our End of the Year picnic! 

During the last week of school, we also signed yearbooks and our Big Buddies gave the Kinders a tour of the "big kid" playground that they get to play on next year as first graders!

I hope all of our Room 2 students enjoy their summer weeks off. I'll miss you all, but we'll see you soon in July as new first graders! 

Chutes and Ladders

In class, we practiced cooperation, number sense, written numbers, coordination, fine motor skills, social skills and collaboration, all while having fun and designing our own Chutes and Ladders game!

Popsicles from Simply Orthodontics

Dr. Shung from Simply Orthodontics surprised our class with a popsicle party. His orthodontics office held a teacher appreciation writing contest for students who wanted to write notes of appreciation for their teachers. 

I have been blessed with having Dr. Shung's triplets in class this year, and was surprised to hear they wrote about me. Thank you, Anna, Hudson, and Victoria, for being such wonderful students each and every day. 

Thank you, Dr. Shung, and Simply Orthodontics for the yummy popsicles! 

Shopping at Simutown

Our Kindergarteners visited their Big Buddies for their Simutown project. Simutown is a classroom program that simulates business, banking, and civic activities. The third graders start and run a business to sell his/her own handmade products and become involved in local government.

Kindergarteners were given“SimuBucks,” the town currency to buy products from the Big Buddies. A variety of items were sold such as drawings, plants, bead jewelry, hand drawn trading cards, self-created comic books, bookmarks, handmade wallets, flower pens, pet rocks, crafts made from recycled products, decorated pencil cups, and many, many more creative ideas. One year, a student even had a fortune telling booth!

Nutrition Lesson

We had a representative who is currently in the Sodexo graduate program come to give our Kindergarteners a lesson on nutrition and healthy eating! The theme was about, “Eating the Rainbow,” (red apples, orange bell peppers, yellow squash, green broccoli, etc.). The goal was to encourage our children to eat healthy foods and to lead a healthy lifestyle!

The children learned that: 

  • Red foods help give us strong hearts.
  • Orange foods help give us healthy eyes.
  • Yellow foods help our bodies to fight germs. 
  • Green foods help give us strong teeth and bones.
  • Blue and Purple foods help improve our memory. 

At your next family meal, take a look at what you are eating and have a family discussion of how the foods are helping your bodies grow! 

Promotion Standing Positions

Parents, if you'd like the best view of your child for pictures, please refer to the photo above. As you enter the classroom on Promotion Day, you may try to select a seat that is near your child. 

Student Birthdays

Updated: June 2018-- Our May and June birthday students were given a special Woodbury pen/highlighter. Each highlighter says this year's school theme, "Everybody is Somebody."

We are trying to make your child's birthday a meaningful one, while at the same time eliminating the endless amounts of sugar that children often eat. In the classroom, each child will receive a "crazy loop straw" from the teacher as a small way to celebrate the child's birthday.

Since we are no longer allowed to bring in treats for class birthdays how about letting your child "treat" the class to a birthday book or an item from our classroom wish list? The birthday child may bring a book (wrapped if you wish) to give to the class. This book would become a permanent part of our classroom library. What a nice way for your child to share her/his birthday; and it's much easier on the teeth!

Items on our classroom wish list are things we could always use in our classroom to help things run smoothly. Items from this list are completely optional, but we do use them routinely for various activities. 

If you still want to send an additional treat, suggestions include stickers, bookmarks, glow sticks, temporary tattoos, bubbles, erasers, mini stamps, pencils, bouncy balls, keychains, etc. The website, Oriental Trading, offers lots of ideas that parents can use at bulk item prices. Please note, you are not obligated to do this, but we think the concept of a child sharing her/his birthday (and being a giver rather than a receiver) is a really good one.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How many students are in the class so I can bring in special items or goodie bags to pass out?
    • There are currently 32 children (as of February, 2018). 
  • Should I put the children's names on the goodie bags?
    • No, it is easier to pass out items if the bags are not labeled.

Mighty Mustang of the Week

Update June 1, 2018 Thank you to Valentina's family and Anastasia's family for coming to read with our class! 

Each Friday afternoon, one student is selected to be the Mighty Mustang of the Week. This student gets to take home the Mighty Mustang binder, Kindness Noted journal, and our little stuffed Mighty. The student has a few special privileges and tasks that he/she gets to complete during the week:

  • All About Me poster: Students should complete the poster with facts about the student. The student may draw and color pictures, or printed photos may be glued on. 
  • Kindness Noted Journal: Students should perform at least one random act of kindness towards another member of the family. Complete a journal entry about the act in the Kindness Noted journal. 
  • Bring a Share Item: Students may choose to bring a small item to show and share with the class. It could be a favorite stuffed animal, toy, award, picture, etc. 
  • Bring a Favorite Book: Students may bring a favorite book he/she likes to read. We will read it during our share time. 
  • Play with Mighty!: Student gets to play with little Mighty all weekend long, taking him on adventures, family outings, playdates, story time, etc. With the help of a grownup at home, the student will write a brief summary of their weekend adventure with Mighty. 

Parents: If you are available, you are to invited to visit with your child on the Friday (the last day your child is Mighty Mustang) during Calendar/Mighty Mustang Share Time. Please email me to let me know if you are able to come! We will take a photo and feature you in the photo gallery below! 

Open House 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to visit Room 2's Open House! I hope you all enjoyed your visit. It was great seeing all of the families together, and the children were so proud about their work on display. If you couldn't make it to our Open House, take a look at some photo highlights below. This year, we added an digital program guide for the students to utilize while giving their parents a tour of the room.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day Observance. Please take a moment to remember and be thankful for the brave men and women who have served in the United States Military. God bless our troops and their families.