Open House

Program Guide | May 24, 2018


Open House

Program Guide | May 24, 2018

Welcome, Students & Parents!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy your visit to our classroom tonight. The following checklist will help guide you on your visit.  Be sure to take a look at each listed item (and check it off on the Activity Checklist below)!

Activity Checklist

Instructions: Tap or click the checkboxes to help keep track of your activities for tonight! Note: you may lose your progress if you leave this page or site.

Creative Writing Portfolios

  All About the Author
  Monthly Writing Samples
  Writing Journals
  3D Shapes Booklet
  Patriotic Symbols Folder
  Science Folder
  Compare July and May month writing
  (Do not take home binders yet)

Art Portfolios

  Little Red Hen
  Apple Tree Painting
  Pumpkin Glyph
  Pilgrim and Native American
  Penguin Art
  Snowman Name
  100th Day Art
  Cat in the Hat
  Spring Rainbow
  Sunshine Painting
  Season Kite
  Take home art portfolios
  Take home Kindergarten Promotion Invite

Around the Classroom

  When I Grow Up Pictures
  Tear-Art Self Portraits
  Georgia O'Keefe Flowers
  Ancient Civilization FIBO Art
  Summer Bucket Lists
  Meet the Ten Chicks (please don't pet them)
  Mighty Mustang of the Week Binder
  Where I sit on the Rainbow Rug


  Take home radish plants
  Check Lost and Found Items (jackets, water bottles, etc.)

Thank You!

A Note from Mrs. Dyer

Thank You!

A Note from Mrs. Dyer

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that our school year is almost over. Whether you’re ready for it or not, your little ones will be heading off to first grade soon. They have worked so hard all year to meet Kindergarten learning standards, and I am so proud of each and every one of them. I am honored to have been their Kindergarten teacher, and I am so thankful for your constant support all year long.

Spending this year with your precious children has been such a wonderful blessing. We have grown together as one class and have developed close relationships with one another.

Thank you for a remarkable year. I have many memories with this group that I will cherish forever.

— Mrs. Dyer