Update: August 25th, 2019: Mighty, Mr. Battenfield, and Mrs. Snyder came to visit and wish our July and August students a happy birthday! Each child received a special Woodbury Elementary keychain charm.

We are trying to make your child's birthday a meaningful one, while at the same time eliminating the endless amounts of sugar that children often eat. In the classroom, each child will receive a "crazy loop straw" from the teacher as a small way to celebrate the child's birthday.

Since we are no longer allowed to bring in treats for class birthdays how about letting your child "treat" the class to a birthday book or an item from our classroom wish list? The birthday child may bring a book (wrapped if you wish) to give to the class. This book would become a permanent part of our classroom library. What a nice way for your child to share her/his birthday; and it's much easier on the teeth!

Items on our classroom wish list are things we could always use in our classroom to help things run smoothly. Items from this list are completely optional, but we do use them routinely for various activities. 

If you still want to send an additional treat, suggestions include stickers, bookmarks, glow sticks, temporary tattoos, bubbles, erasers, mini stamps, pencils, bouncy balls, keychains, etc. The website, Oriental Trading, offers lots of ideas that parents can use at bulk item prices. Please note, you are not obligated to do this, but we think the concept of a child sharing her/his birthday (and being a giver rather than a receiver) is a really good one.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How many students are in the class so I can bring in special items or goodie bags to pass out?

    • There are currently 29 children (as of August, 2019).

  • Should I put the children's names on the goodie bags?

    • No, it is easier to pass out items if the bags are not labeled.

  • Can my child pass out birthday party invitations at school?

    • Please refrain from passing out invitations at school unless the entire class is invited. We don’t want students feeling left out when invitations are passed out while all peers are around.

  • Can the teacher give me the classmates’ addresses so I can mail birthday invitations?

    • No, we have to keep student information such as their address confidential.