Every year, Woodbury students love Grade Level PE! This is a program that is sponsored by our PTA, and led by the City of Irvine community recreation staff. They teach our children important gross motor skills by leading various stretches, games, relays, obstacle courses, and exercises. (Did you know Woodbury Elementary was the first school in IUSD to have this fitness program sponsored by the PTA? Please remember to join and support the PTA so our kids can continue to benefit from outstanding programs like this one!) The kids always love playing the games, and the City staff is great at keeping the kids engaged while exercising to stay healthy. 

Please be sure your child wears comfortable closed-toe shoes everyday for their safety, and especially on Grade Level PE days. We will have Grade Level PE every Monday from 1:55 pm to 2:40 pm, and your child will especially need good sneakers to run in, a water bottle, and sunscreen as necessary. If your child is ever injured or doesn't feel well enough for PE, please be sure to send a written note or email requesting an excusal. 

We had our first Grade Level PE day with our City of Irvine staff today. The kids had so much fun!