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Thanks to the PTA, Kindergarten gets to receive FIBO art lessons! The kids were so excited as soon as they heard that they will be getting art lessons. We began with an assembly in the MPR, and then the amazing and very well-trained FIBO art instructors will lead the art lesson the following week. They provide all of the necessary materials, the staff is very well trained, and they always keep the children thoroughly engaged. For families interested in enrolling their children in FIBO art classes, the company has an art studio locally at the Tustin Marketplace next to Color Me Mine. Your child could even take a free introductory class to start!

Visit the FIBO website for more information › 

Big/Little Buddies

Our Kindergarteners had a chance to meet their third grade Big Buddies from Mrs. Goodman's class for the first time today. All of the Kindergarteners and third graders were so excited. Each Big and Little Buddy pair sat together to complete a mini interview form so they could get to know one another. They asked one another about names, ages, favorite food, animals, color, etc. Afterwards, the Little Buddies picked out books for their Big Buddies to read. Mrs. Goodman and I were so impressed today. Every child was  engaged and attentive. The third graders displayed extraordinary kindness, compassion, and affection towards their Kindergarten buddies. Some even naturally knelt down so their Little Buddies could see them better. Others used softer tones in their voices when speaking to their Little Buddies. The Little Buddies were so happy to listen to their Big Buddies read and wanted to show them all around the Kindergarten classroom. It was fantastic to observe, and I am so proud of our Room 2 Kindergarteners! Take a look at some of the adorable pictures!

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Hello Parents and Students,

Our first day of school will be on Wednesday, July 17th. I am busy preparing the classroom for all of our new Kindergarten students, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you! We hope you are enjoying this last weekend before school begins. Kindergarten will be a wonderful year!

Love, Mrs. Dyer