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Memorial Day

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day Observance. Please take a moment to remember and be thankful for the brave men and women who have served in the United States Military. God bless our troops and their families.

Box Tops for Education

Woodbury Elementary received over $700 through the General Mills Box Tops for Education program so far this year! Please remember to cut out and save these pink and purple box tops and send them into the classroom for collection. Every classroom has a Box Tops collection bin andour PTA Box Tops Coordinator helps sort, package, and ship in the collections. Be sure to check out the list of the many products that support Box Tops. Some even have more than one!

Valentine's Day 2019

Happy Valentine's Day! Our Valentine's Day party was great. A HUGE thank you to our parent volunteers Mr. Chow, Mrs. Chai, Mrs. Perez, and Mrs. Uriarte for helping to organize and run today's rotations. Thank you also to the families who donated decorations, food, and other items for our party! The kids enjoyed fun rotations including:

  • Playing a "Minute to Win-It" conversation heart stacking game

  • Organizing alphabet cups in ABC order

  • Munching on fresh fruits, fruit snacks, and juice refreshments

  • Passing out Valentine grams to each of their classmates

  • A Valentine’s Day themed find and count activity

The kids loved every station!

Valentine's Day Mailboxes

Our Valentine's Day party will take place on Wednesday, February 14th. Here is a fun homework project to get ready for Valentine's Day. Spend time with your child to wrap an old cereal box to hold Valentine's Day grams! Here are some basic steps:

  1. Your child may use any old cardboard cereal box. Cracker, cookie, or shoe boxes will work also!

  2. Cut off the four flaps at the top or help your child by cutting open the box to his/her design of choice.

  3. Help your child wrap the box with colored paper. Your child could use construction paper (I will send home pink/red construction paper in the Conduits to use) or your child could use his/her favorite colorful gift wrap paper), and be in charge of the scotch tape!

  4. Bring in the wrapped box by Tuesday, February 13th.

  5. We will decorate the boxes in class during our party and have them ready to collect our Valentine's Day cards!

(If you have any Valentine's Day related stickers, red/pink ribbon, foam cut-outs, etcetera, and are willing to donate them, please send them in with your child)

Take a look at some examples.

Upcoming Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day party is on Wednesday, Feb. 14. We will have a celebration in the classroom, and greatly appreciate the volunteers who have signed up to contribute items to the party. As a common tradition, many students enjoy passing out valentine grams to their classmates (but it is most certainly not mandatory to pass out anything). Below is some helpful information.

  • There are currently 31 children (13 girls, 18 boys) in our class. Please do not fill in names in the "To:" field, just be sure to fill in the "From:" field on each note.

  • Avoid candy/food grams if possible. *** We have dairy and gluten allergies in our class. Alternatives may include non-edible items such as stickers, pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, simple handwritten notes, plain valentine cards, stamps, bookmarks, etc.

  • Here are a few sample items that make great valentine grams!

  • The students will be able to pass out their Valentine grams in class, but they will not be allowed to open (or eat) any of the grams until they are home. This will allow parents to check any candy/food grams that may have been passed out before the children consume them.

  • Lastly, I recently heard of a sweet idea that parents can choose to do. Write your child a surprise love note for him/her to find and read in their snack or lunch bags!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! Thank you in advance for your partnership!


Big/Little Buddies

Our Kindergarteners had a chance to meet their third grade Big Buddies from Mrs. Goodman's class for the first time today. All of the Kindergarteners and third graders were so excited. Each Big and Little Buddy pair sat together to complete a mini interview form so they could get to know one another. They asked one another about names, ages, favorite food, animals, color, etc. Afterwards, the Little Buddies picked out books for their Big Buddies to read. Mrs. Goodman and I were so impressed today. Every child was  engaged and attentive. The third graders displayed extraordinary kindness, compassion, and affection towards their Kindergarten buddies. Some even naturally knelt down so their Little Buddies could see them better. Others used softer tones in their voices when speaking to their Little Buddies. The Little Buddies were so happy to listen to their Big Buddies read and wanted to show them all around the Kindergarten classroom. It was fantastic to observe, and I am so proud of our Room 2 Kindergarteners! Take a look at some of the adorable pictures!

ST Math

Woodbury Elementary has a math intervention program called JiJi Math. This engaging computer-based program is a fun way for children to practice and solidify their math skills. All Woodbury students have accounts set up for this new program already, and students will have access to JiJi Math both at school and at home. For use at home, please see the attachment below for detailed instructions.

Student Login Information (for first time login). ***Important: If your child doesn't remember his/her picture password, he/she will need to click on the rectangle with the two horizontal lines (like an equal (=) sign) and use their username/password combination. Then the program will take them through a picture password training session first. If your child DOES know their picture password, he/she can just click in their picture password to log in. 

Username: student computer login (i.e. 31smithjohn)
Password: 9-digit student ID number

The program begins with a math placement assessment. It will start off very easy (matching puzzle pieces together), and progress to more difficult levels to measure students' math skills. Students should continue through the initial math placement until it is complete. Afterwards, the program will automatically monitor the child's progress and adjust levels accordingly.



Is ST Math available for use on an iPad or Tablet?

Yes. If you are a school, school district or homeschool family that has purchased ST Math, you may access the software on touch-enabled devices. Technical requirements can be found here.

Do I have to download software?

The program is online and there’s no need to download any software. However, a high-speed Internet connection is required for each device running ST Math. See the Technical Requirements.

Is there a mobile app for ST Math Homeschool users?

Yes! Subscribers can use the ST Math app for Android tablets, Chromebooks, iPads, and Kindles. For more information and to download the app, go to ST Math Tech Requirements.


Parent Volunteer Schedule '18-'19 DRAFT

PV schedule draft.PNG

(Please click on the photo above to enlarge and view the schedule).

UPDATE: 7/27/18: Please review the parent volunteer schedule draft above and let me know if there are any errors or names missing. 


Parent Volunteer Plea!- We could still use parent volunteers to help our little ones in Room 2! 
We have no parents assisting for library. If you are consistently available Fridays 1:10 – 1:40 pm, please consider helping the children learn how to find books in our library. We have over 20,000 books and a very large space and the children could use another friendly adult helping them get around.

We have no parents assisting for PE. If you are consistently available Mondays 1:50 – 2:40 pm, please sign up online. There are coaches leading the games and activities, you would simply help cheer on the children, help them participate, and walk them from the field to the bathroom if necessary!

Afternoon Rotations:
We have no parents assisting in the afternoons. If you are available, please sign up online.

Attached is the DRAFT parent volunteer schedule for 2018-2019 (AS OF 7/23/18). Please take a look over the schedule to be sure that your name is listed under the correct date, time, and assignment. If there are any errors, please be sure to let Mrs. Dyer know as soon as possible so that it can be corrected. If you do not see your name listed, but you would like to volunteer, please email me and I will add you in. 

IMPORTANT: I will host a group training session after school on Friday, 7/27/18. If you have never volunteered at Woodbury Elementary before, please stop by the office to complete the visitor/volunteer registration. You will need to bring your Drivers License to scan in and then you will be given a visitors sticker badge. This is to help keep our students safe. 

Clerical Parents: This role can start immediately. Our parent volunteer station is in the Kindergarten pod. Directions for copies are always paperclipped to each original copy. All Kindergarten parent volunteers work together for all of the kindergarten copies. Each set of copies will go into each teacher's bin at the station. 

Conduits: Please begin Thursday, July 26th. You will come in to take the filing basket into the front office work room. Student papers will be filed into each of their Conduits. When the Conduits are stuffed, please put each child's Conduit into his/her cubby to take home that day.

Library: Please begin the week of July 27th.

Computer: Please begin the week of July 25th. 

Literacy and Math: Please begin the week of July 30th. 

PE: Please begin Monday, July 30th. 

Room Parents: Please share your email addresses and contact information so that you can coordinate for parties. We typically have parties for Fall Fun Day (October), Friendship Feast (November), Winter Celebration (December), 100th Day (January), Valentine's Day (February), and End of the Year (June). I will provide you with more information when the dates get closer. 

Home Helpers: Items will be sent home periodically as needed with directions on what to do. 

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Hello Parents and Students,

Our first day of school will be on Wednesday, July 11th. I am busy preparing the classroom for all of our new Kindergarten students, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you! We hope you are enjoying this last weekend before school begins. Kindergarten will be a wonderful year!

Love, Mrs. Dyer